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Cosmos Crystal Power! Make Up!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything, huh?

Well I've been busy with this latest little fanart offering. See I got the idea when I heard about this ff_land contest where you had to cross over an FF with an element from another fictional series. And the first thing that popped in my head was this really STUPID idea. So of course I had to draw it!

Warnings for crack and partial magical nudity.



Kain + ribbons = hmm...

There's a long story behind this... I won't go into detail but let's just say someone did something nice for me and I wanted to return the favor and somehow that wound up with Kain wearing nothing but ribbons...OH AND HIS HELMET.

Mildly NSFW. Also I used markers for the first time in YEARS.

Don't worry, ladies, he's covered...against status effects.Collapse )


FINAL FANTASY 9 ]  Aerith / Yuffie / Tifa / Terra / Celes + mog / ultros
BLEACH SOME NSFW chiruki / Ulquihime + Ichigo / Orihime
NARUTO ]  NaruHina


Little artwork giftie

For my amazingly talented friend shirou_ohsakura, a little FiriWoL present...

WARNING: Boys kissing!

Will Firion's innocent maiden dream come true?Collapse )


Mo' Model Dorkage!

Greetings all! I've hoped you've had a great time during this holiday period!

I don't know how I could forget I have these things and with them a vast amount of dumb stuff I can do with them but there you go!

Some of this stuff is kind of old and other pieces I made just now but hopefully they're worth a chuckle at least?

Warning: Some of this stuff is shippy and some of it is crack (and some of it is even shippy AND crack) just in case that's not your cup of tea.

I did what I did for love...and a sandwichCollapse )


Title: The Last Wall

(This is crossposted...IN SO MANY PLACES.)

Author: Railenthe

Rating: E

Genre: Romance (of a sort so sweet you might want to brush your teeth to avoid cavities.)

Wordcount: 991 (so yeah, only just barely flashfic, lol)

Disclaimer: I don’t make any money off of this. All characters are (C) Square-Enix…

WARNINGS FOR: So sweet you will either get cavities or diabetic shock, if that bugs you.

Inspiration: Thanks to a certain kink meme fill, I’ve become a hardcore fan of the Ultima Siblings (as they are known on Pixiv). So much so that it on occasion invades my sleep cycles. On a happy accident, I wrote this down listening to opera…

My brain: Worse than a Harlequin Romance sometimes.Collapse )

Bringin' bigness!

Hi! I'm yellowmage; long-time reader, first-time poster.

After tweaking it for quite a while, I've decided that I'm finally able to bring my gift to the community! Ans it is... [drum roll] ...a fan character.

...Probably not too surprising. Anyway, it's based on my character from FFXI, which I am now unable to play seeing as my Windows partition has seemingly decided that enough is enough and that it will no longer play second-fiddle to a three-year old OS on a six-year old system. ...So it looks like it's back into crystal stasis for me! And I was so looking forward to Starlight... [sniff]

Anyway-anyway, the link is here. Reactions are desired and constructive criticism is encouraged!

Annnnnd it looks like that's it for now! Have a nice day!

P.S.: Does anyone know what's going on with Dissidialand?

EDIT (13/12): OK, thanks for the feedback. FYI, I am working on a storyline for Zerrin. I'm just trying to refine my ideas and get a solid structure set up before I dive in. BTW, I haven't heard anything about the battle quotes! Did any of them make you laugh?

EDIT (14/12): As before, thanks for the feedback. I've made some changes based on your criticisms. I've changed some of the quotes, but I have two things to say: One; I can't help but think some of you may not have checked the Allusions section on the main page which provides context for some of the quotes. And two; This one isn't your fault, naturally, but one of the main problems with text is the inability to get tone across. For example, Zerrin's quote toward Zidane is asked in jest. As for Vaan, however... OK, I'll admit: I just plain don't like Vaan and, as stated in the new Development section, Zerrin is based on the true main character of FFXI: the player, and, as such, I based his personality at least partially on my own.

The most important change, however, is that I have decided to abandon the Dissidia 014 concept and instead integrate Zerrin into the 13th cycle (and maybe the 12th, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it). Apart from that, keep it comin'!

EDIT (18/12): (wow, 03:00...) OK, so I've made a few more, comparatively minor changes to Zerrin's page, including encounter quotes for Chaos, Feral Chaos, and a proper one for Mateus. I've also decided to get rid of the second DLC costume; it wasn't really fitting. (Although maybe I could save it for Dissidialand filler-esque hi-jinks!)

More importantly, though, is the fact that I've finally finished and uploaded the first chapter of my fan character-based fanfic! Well, technically zero-th chapter; it's basically just a transcript of the final cutscene of the prologue, complete with new face. Still, please tell me what you think! I think I'm getting better at writing in prose.

Am I forgetting anything...? Oh, right, the link! Here ya go!

Festive Model Abuse


Um...how do I describe this? Err...basically this is a crack idea that has sort of spawned into some giant horrible thing and as of this point is still incomplete. I don't usually write multi-chapter fic (or fic at all) but when I realized how big the word count already was, I felt it was probably worth splitting into chunks and posting the first bit to see whether it was something I should continue with.

I hope it gives you a laugh at least. It's very stupid but intentionally so.

Synopsis: Garland has a desire - to be defeated by the Warrior of Light. (Or to put it bluntly: he wants to bottom.) But when you're as masculine and mighty a fellow as Garland, you're fairly hard...to dominate. With that in mind he enlists help from Golbez and Kefka in his quest to make himself a little easier to get on top of. Naturally Chaos ensues.
Characters/Pairings: WoL/Garland(?), Golbez, Kefka, most of the cast of Dissidia (eventually)
Setting: It's crack but think of it as the 13th cycle. Contains no spoilers for [duodecium] whatsoever but might contain spoilers for main FF titles (I-XIII) in the future
Ratings/Warnings: T. Warnings for slash, CRACK, some language, attempts at humor, Kefka, drag, poorly arranged musical numbers, moogle abuse, lighthearted jabs at BL and certain Final Fantasy seiyuu

Please note that all the opinions, actions or comments in this fic are of a comedic nature and not intended to be taken seriously. This is CRACK after all.

If that didn't scare ya off then good luck to ya!Collapse )


Silly Cecil comic

I made this silly little thing for a friend of mine recently as a thank you. As you may expect it's slightly on the crackish side and takes advantage of Cecil's innocence. (Yes I'm aware of how wrong that line sounded - don't worry I didn't draw anything quite like that HERE.)

Cecil, when Kain said he was interested in a sandwich...Collapse )