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The Chaotic Cosmos

Dissidia - The Chaotic Cosmos
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Discussion and Fanworks for the game Final Fantasy Dissidia and its sequel Dissidia Duodecim

A community dedicated to Final Fantasy Dissidia discussion and devotion in all of its forms.

What is Dissidia?

Japanese Website | North American Website

Dissidia is described as a Dynamic-Action fighting game designed in celebration of Final Fantasy's 20th Anniversary. It is a cross-over game that combines 20 main characters in collaboration and combat - 10 Heroes and 10 Villains - as well as Guest Characters, 1 from FFXI and 1 from FFXII.

What is Dissidia Duodecim?

Japanese Website | NA/EU Website

The divine conflict between harmony and discord turns back to its 12th incarnation. Fighting to secure the fate of the world are brave souls summoned for that solitary purpose. These warriors, relying on what fragments of their shattered memories remain, fight to end the conflict – and for a chance to return home, to the worlds they each once knew.

Personae Dramatis

The cast of Dissidia includes -

The Narrator, Cid of the Lufaine (Sugawara Bunta/Rodger Parsons)

Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony (Shimamoto Sumi/Kathleen McInerney) and Chaos, God of Discord (Wakamoto Norio/Keith David)

Final Fantasy I
The Warrior of Light (Seki Toshiko/Grant George) and Garland (Utsumi Kenji/Christopher Sabat)

Final Fantasy II
Firion (Midorikawa Hikaru/Johnny Yong Bosch) and Emperor Mateus Palamecia (Horiuchi Kenyū/Christopher Corey Smith)

Final Fantasy III
The Onion Knight (Fukuyama Jun/Aaron Spann) and The Cloud of Darkness (Ikeda Masako/Laura Bailey)

Final Fantasy IV
Cecil Harvey (Hodoshima Shizuma/Yuri Lowenthal) and Golbez (Kaga Takeshi/Peter Beckman)

Final Fantasy V
Bartz Klauser (Hoshi Sōichirō/Jason Spisak) and Exdeath (Ishida Tarō/Gerald C. Rivers)

Final Fantasy VI
Terra Branford (Fukui Yukari/Natalie Lander) and Kefka Palazzo (Shigeru Chiba/Dave Wittenberg)

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife (Takahiro Sakurai/Steve Burton) and Sephiroth (Morikawa Toshiyuki/George Newburn)

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall Leonheart (Hideo Ishikawa/Dough Erholtz) and Sorceress Ultimecia (Tanaka Atsuko/Tasia Valenza)

Final Fantasy IX
Zidane (Paku Romi/Bryce Papenbrook) and Kuja (Ishida Akira/JD Cullum)

Final Fantasy X
Tidus (Masakazu Morita/James Arnold Taylor) and Jecht (Masuo Amada/Gregg Berger)

Final Fantasy XI
Lady Shantotto (Megumi Hayashibara/Candi Miho)

Final Fantasy XII
Judge Magister Gabranth (Akio Ohtsuka/Keith Ferguson)

Personae Dramatis 012

All the characters from the first game shall be returning, so this list only covers new characters.

Final Fantasy IV
Kain Highwind (Koichi Yamadera/Liam O'Brien)

Final Fantasy V
Gilgamesh (Kazuya Nakai/Keith Szarabajka)

Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockhart (Ayumi Ito/Rachael Leigh Cook) | Aerith Gainsborough - Assist Only (Maaya Sakamoto/Andrea Bowen)

Final Fantasy VIII
Laguna Loire (Hiroaki Hirata/A. V. Kennedy)

Final Fantasy X
Yuna (Mayuko Aoki/Hedy Burress)

Final Fantasy XI
Prishe (Aya Hirano/Julie Nathanson)

Final Fantasy XII
Vaan (Kensho Ono/Bobby Edner)

Final Fantasy XIII
Claire "Lightning" Farron (Maaya Sakamoto/Ali Hillis)

What is this Community for?

This community is for both discussion of the game and all of its aspects - from speculation to move lists to equipment guides - as well as for fan work dedications - fan art, fan fictions and so forth. Essentially if you have something to say about Dissidia, this is the forum for it. To facilitate an open and welcome atmosphere, we have a rules and guidelines for conduct.


1. All content must somehow be related to Dissidia. It can make allusions to other portions of Final Fantasy, but Dissidia must be a focus.

2. Any and all Dissidia discussion and devotion is welcome here and all members are asked to show tolerance and patience in their dealings with each other.

3. Fan work of any nature is allowed but it must be properly flagged and clearly labeled. We will not discourage work of adult nature, but we do ask for the poster to take all the necessary precautions.

4. All Fan work, any post of excessive length or any post containing multiple images must be placed under an LJ-cut. Cross-Posting to other journals and communities is allowed. Posts promoting the sale of fan-made merchandise are also allowed.

5. The purpose of this community is to connect and share, something we reinforce continually. Never forget - fun is our first goal.

News Post Guidelines

  • You can have one news post per day - We want to cut down on the number of superfluous posts when it comes to news. Therefore, I'm imposing a limit on the number of news posts members can make. It is much better to have one complete news post a day rather than a smattering of smaller ones.
    • Corollary: The edit button is your friend - If you missed a small detail or two, you can always edit your post to add in more information. Get familiar with that Pencil Icon.

    • Corollary the Second: Suggest additions to others - If someone else has already made a news post and is only missing a small bit of information, post a comment about it in their post and ask them to edit it in rather than making your own separate news post. The gathering of news should be a collaborative effort.

  • Make that one news post count - I know that when news arrives, people want to rush to be the first to post. But it's better to properly gather up all the information you can and make one quality post rather than making a bunch of little posts about different minor details. Compile as much as you can and then make your post. If you've missed anything, trust that your fellow members will provide it and that you can edit your post to add it in.

  • Quality of information - Draw your information from reliable sources and include links to those sources in your posts. Feel free to summarize information, but keep it to a condensed paragraph if you are posting to an English source. If you wish to translate from a Japanese source, then please include as much information as possible. If you need to post something longer than a few paragraphs, please cut () the post.

  • Quality of presentation - Use proper grammar and spelling in your news posts - it makes you sound far more authoritative. Most browsers include a built-in spellcheck, and even if you use IE, you can get the Speckie add-on for real-time spellcheck. If you want to, you can first prepare the post in a word processor and then copy and paste it to Livejournal. When posting images, use a thumbnail image which then links to a full-size version if possible. It is also preferable to use an image host with minimal ad intrusion. (http://imgur.com/ and http://wthax.org/ are both great options.)

Consequences for not following these rules/guidelines

  • First infraction - If you post something unrelated to Dissidia, your post will be deleted. If you have made multiple news posts in a single day, I will delete all but the first. If your news post is lacking in quality, I'll make a Mod Note comment in your post asking you to edit the post to meet our specifications. If you disrespect another member, you will be warned via Mod Note and will be expected to stop immediately.

  • Subsequent infractions - Repeated failure to meet our posting guidelines will have your main page posting privileges suspended for one week for the first suspension, one month for the second, and two months for the third, permanently for the fourth. You will still be able to comment on posts, but will not be able to make new posts.
    • If your infractions are related to your comments, after your first warning you will then have your commenting privileges removed for one week, then one month for the second suspension, two months for the third, permanently for the fourth.

  • Grounds for banning - Any infractions after permanent suspension from either posting or commenting will result in being banned. Finally, any outright trolling, hateful speech, or use of sock puppet account to circumvent your suspension will result in being immediately banned from the community.


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