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Duodecium Details from Nomura Interview

Fresh from Japanese gaming blog Remoon, we have the keynotes from the Famitsu Interview with Nomura, including information the entirely new battle element - The Assist System. Here is the bulletin translated -

  • Kouichi Yamadera will reprise his role as Kain

  • Sugawara Bunta will reprise his role as Cid

  • Lightning will be able to use Paradigm Shifts (Optima Changes in the Japanese version), changing between Commando (Attacker), Ravager (Blaster), and Medic (Healer) using L and R.

  • The new Assist System allows you to call in an ally, allowing for up to four characters to be on the field at once.

  • Pressing L+O when one bar of the Assist Gauge will summon an ally for one Brave Attack. Pressing L+□ when both bars are full to summon them for an HP Attack.

  • Assists can break combos.

  • (Translator's Note: I'm not entirely sure about the next two items, but it sounds like you can't use the Assist System while in EX-Mode.)

  • Pursuit times have been made shorter.

  • All the characters from the previous game will return.

  • Kain and Lightning are not the only new characters. It will be more than just a few.

  • All characters will have three costumes. (1 Normal and 2 Alternates each)

  • There will be new summons added.

  • All the maps from the first game are back and there will be twice as many music tracks.

  • Communications Mode (AKA 2 Player Mode) has been stregthened.

  • Save Data from the first game can be transfered over.

  • The meaning behind "012" is a spoiler.

  • The details about the Story Mode and the system it will use are a secret.

  • There will be more retro/original game music tracks.

  • Release is not too far off.

  • A secret gameplay element will debut in the TGS Demo.

FF-Reunion also covers the same interview and notes that Maaya Sakamoto will reprise her role as Lightning.
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